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Ecclesia Culture

Resource for leading and/or attending a Jesus Hub.

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As He Is


Equipping intensives (the 12 week school condensed into 2 days).

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- The fullness of the simple gospel.
- The kingdom (a present tense

manifest reality).
- Our righteous identify as sons & daughters.
- Church governance & leadership (the 5 fold ministry, elders, overseers & deacons).
- The anointing, the presence & the

glory of God.

Cream and Brown Natural Makeup Beauty Lo

New Nature Church



An Apostolic Community.

The love of the Father.

The truth of Christ.

The power of the Spirit.

Gathering 4pm, Sunday fortnightly.

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Pure People

The heart of "The Pure People" is to explore God's truth around living as one who know's the purity of your mind, soul, desires and emotions as a son and daughter of God. And to empower others to live from this place.


Heart Knowledge

Facebook Live, live from

"The Glory Lounge".

Follow my page to keep up to date

for the next event.

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Follow Jesus

Simple Gospel - PDF.

A great tool for leading someone into

the fullness of salvation. 

We also offer tailored Evangelism Training & Activation.

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Church Map

A basic explanation of who the Church is, what we do and how we gather.

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