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A Movement of Sons & Daughters


Our Heart

                                              to see a generation awakened to the immense love and revelation of Jesus, walking in their true identity as sons and daughters, co-heirs with Christ, equipped and activated to live a life unrestrained for God. We desire to partner with local churches and ministries, cultivating deep relationships and imparting into these communities from both an apostolic and prophetic gifting. As a family in passionate pursuit of revival and discipleship, we have a deep value for His presence, His living word and for a lifestyle of intimacy and demonstration. So together, let’s behold Him and see His kingdom advance!




"A renewed mind & a transformed
First book coming 2024. A 40 day devotional where each day will look at a different aspect of the life & character of Christ, which we can also now walk in the fullness of. Register your interest here, to be notified of the pre-release.

meet the harrisons

family on mission



Son | Equipper | Cultural Transformer


Judah & Abby




Daughter | Lover of Jesus | Prophetic Voice

the convergence

* The Sons of God being Revealed (living ascended / every believer a king & priest).


* The Rapid Expansion of the Gospel of the Kingdom.


* The Tangible Manifestation of His Glory & Engaging the Celestial.


* The Restoration of Apostles & Prophets (5 Fold Ministry & the Plurality of Elders).


* The Culture of Family (Intergenerational, Multi-Ethnic & on Mission).

* The Full Response to the Simple Gospel.

* The Discipleship & Inheritance of Nations.

* The Return to the Secret Place & the Fear of the Lord (Prayer & Intimacy).

* The Balance of the Oikos & the Ekklesia

...a teachable spirit, a mouldable heart, a laid down life & a willingness to go.

new nature church

Become Love

Speak Truth

Demonstrate Power

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Equipping the Saints
for the work of the ministry
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